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Hundreds of clients rely on Castle Law Group for representation against timeshare scams.

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The attorneys of Castle Law Firm specialize in a diverse range of disciplines, including corporate, real estate, tax, and administrative law. But timeshare scams are their current focus and they use creative thinking and problem solving to help victims of timeshare scams

Real Results With Timeshare Litigation

Victims of timeshare fraud can rely on Castle Law Firm, the timeshare law firm with the most successfully settled or litigated cases in the country.

The Better Way to Be Timeshare Free

Advocacy groups, or timeshare “cancellation” companies, like to tell consumers that they can get the best results for timeshare owners looking to be rid of their burden. The truth is, those programs require a taxing amount of time and energy from owners with no guarantee of success. Castle Law Group can save you time and money with a free legal consultation.

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What are Timeshare Scams?

Timeshare scams come in many forms

High-Pressure Sales Presentations

Some timeshare scams involve a high-pressure presentation that doesn’t allow you to look over contract documents. If you did not have a chance to understand your closing documents, you could be a victim of timeshare fraud.

Obscuring the Rescission Period

Another form that timeshare scams can take is not letting the consumer know that they have a legal right to cancel called the rescission period. Were you told about this rescission period?

Deceptive Sales Practices

The worst, and most common, timeshare scams involve lies and misrepresentations by the salesperson. Do you think you were lied to? Check out the top lies told by timeshare scams here: Top 10 Timeshare Lies.

Why Choose Castle Law Group as Representation?


Law-Driven Solutions

Any settlement or resolutions reached through Castle Law Firm are legally binding and absolute.


Let Us Do the Work

Our clients rely on us to represent them, and relieve the burden of stress due to fighting timeshare scams.


Faster Conclusions

Instead of waiting years on results from an advocacy group, let Castle Law Group use our negotiations with timeshare developers to fast track the process.


Thorough Settlements

The agreements reached between your attorney and the timeshare company will cover all aspects of fighting the timeshare scams.

Our Attorneys

Judson Phillips

Judson Phillips is a seasoned litigation attorney and a former assistant district attorney in Memphis, TN. He has years of experience in dealing with timeshare scams and knows how to get results. Washington-Times-1024x92

Don Ferguson

Don Ferguson graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Charlotte School of Law in North Carolina. Mr. Ferguson joined the Castle Law Group legal team because he wanted to help victims of timeshare scams and fraud get justice from the timeshare developers. Mr. Ferguson has extensive trial and courtroom experience. He is using that experience to develop relationships with timeshare developers through successful litigation. Don is a member in good standing with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility and the Tennessee Bar Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Begin?

The first step is to call Castle Law Firm for a free, no obligation legal consultation with one of our timeshare attorney professionals about the timeshare scams you’ve encountered.

Can Castle Law Firm Protect My Credit?

Unfortunately, no attorney can guarantee protection of your credit, but every settlement we reach will include a clause to dismiss negative marks on your credit score and ensure a zero balance on the accounts.

What Do I Have to Do?

As soon as you engage Castle Law Firm’s services, the timeshare developer will be informed that your have retained us and will stop all communications with you within 5 days. We will take care of the rest.

What About Tax Liabilities?

Castle Law Firm also ensures that your settlement agreement will include a condition of favorable tax treatment with zero liabilities.

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Whether you’ve owned your timeshare for twenty years, or two months, Castle Law Group can help. We provide free consultations to any timeshare owner who feels they need help dealing with timeshare scams. Even if Castle Law Group can’t take your case, we will give you your best options for ending timeshare scams. Our main goal is helping timeshare owners who were victims of timeshare scams find the timeshare relief they need. We provide both timeshare litigation and timeshare cancellation services to right the wrongs done by timeshare scams. Give us a call and see if we can help you. Stop by and see us! Castle Law Group 2520 N Mount Juliet Rd. Mount Juliet, TN 844-578-4866

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